Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Kolkata 2021

Digital marketing is overtaking traditional marketing as social media platforms and targeted ads make it possible to interact with specific audiences in real time. In today’s digital marketplace, customers not only expect a digital presence but also are more likely to trust a company with a digital footprint. A digital marketing company can take your business to the next level. That's why we've created this list of the best digital marketing agencies for you to review. Read through company descriptions, former clients, and notable projects to find the best fit for your business. CitiesAgencies is here to help you with a list of top Digital Marketing companies in Kolkata below:

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in KolkataSponsored

Curvearro Kolkata






Rise Interactive

3Q Digital




No.1 Availability

Consistently approachable and responsive, so customers never feel ignored.


No.2 Qualifications

Building customer confidence with licensing, accreditations, and awards.


No.3 Reputation

History of delighted customers and outstanding service.


No.4 Experience

Masters of their craft, based on years of practical experience.


No.5 Professionalism

Providing service with honesty, reliability, and respect.

Who We Are

Digital marketing is one of the major topics that every marketer must know. Before you get to know about us, get ready to know what digital marketing is. In very simple words, digital marketing is the process of making the products and services presence available in the online market. Many online platforms are used to advertise products such as social media sites, Google AdWords, Search Engines, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, etc. With these platforms, any marketer can increase the presence of his products in the market worldwide. Employ digital marketing in your business so that you get maximum results.

CitiesAgencies, a top company in Kolkata understands the importance of digital marketing. Here we work as a directory providing you the list of renowned digital marketing agencies established in Kolkata. We are the only solution for you to choose the best marketing agency located in Kolkata. Not only you just select the best agency, but also aid you in marketing efforts. If you have already planned to hire the best agency then you must go through the list that we provide to you. Here you will find the best marketing agency for your business.

Our Story

CitiesAgenciesis the popular company in the digital marketing industry. Our story is what makes us unique in the market. We provide our clients a list with a bunch of renowned digital marketing companies established in Kolkata.

CitiesAgencies came into force in 2020 year when the lockdown was imposed worldwide due to coronavirus pandemic. To ease out the process of finding best digital agency, we provide you the list of some selected agencies that will help you in your marketing business. Moreover, CitiesAgencies is not just limited to the territory of India, but also spread in other countries as well such as Singapore, Canada, Australia, United States, and United Kingdom.

How We Work

The work is what makes the company unique and dynamic. And CitiesAgencies works and carries out plans effectively and efficiently. All our work depends upon making a list of digital marketing companies which may vary from one company to another. We help you in finding out the best digital marketing agency located in Kolkata. All you need to do is Google the descriptions of the company you want to hire, read the feedback of the clients, and prizes to see the reputation of your company.

The ultimate task is to gather and verify hard data, experts’ reviews, and some effective advice that you need to grow your brand and your entire business in the market. Finally, we give advice to our clients for advertising and branding their products in the market.

Why Trust Us

Trust is a significant factor that every digital agency should build to make good relation with their clients. CitiesAgencies only believes in this which is building trust in our clients. Since the company is established in the market, we have provided our customers’ best results in the digital sector with recommending them the companies which will help grow their business in the future. We work on delivering the honest results to our customers who believe in us. The loyalty which CitiesAgencies builds is by establishing the relationships between our clients and digital agencies.

Moreover, we also provide the proof of our hard work to our clients just to show them how trustworthy we are. To build more trust in us, you can check the companies we collaborate with and the companies’ clients’ reviews.

Following Tips You must keep in Mind before Choosing the Digital Marketing Company

» Meet their Team

Whenever you hire digital marketing agency, it is always worth idea to conduct a face-to-face meeting with them. It will give you a real sense of who you are working with for your business. The tendency of people is such when you interact with them in a meeting; they work hard to make appearance. You can ask for their names, and builds a rapport with them.

» Ensure the company is capable

Every company differs from other. Some may show their strengths and weaknesses and some may not. To know which company is more capable, you have to make some extra efforts to compare between the companies and know which is best suitable for you. Guys, you must stick with people who understand your industry and helps in your business.

» Expertise and Track Record

One of the best tips you must consider when hiring the best digital agency is the expertise and track record of the company. How will you check the track record of an agency? A well-reputed agency’s work and track records you can see o their wall as many of leading marketing agency showcase their achievements on walls and shelves. However, you can ask them about their track record.

» Digital agency must a machine of ideas

You must know that digital marketing is dynamic in nature which keeps on changing. Therefore, if you wish to hire any digital agency then make sure it should be able to inject new ideas and ways to thinking into different source of plans and strategies. It is very important for you to appoint an agency that is constantly coming up with new and unique ideas for your business.

» Specialized area of service

Today, SEO and social media marketing are in great demand in digital world. This is the reason why marketers focus on SEO in hope of getting the good and high rank of their site on Google’s SERP. And social media has become the marketing so if you want to focus on any particular area then approach an agency that is expert in providing you that service only.

» Know their price structure

Knowing the price of any agency is also the important point that you must look before you hire the agency. There are many fake agencies established in the market to trick you and snatch away your money without even providing you the services. Therefore, you must ask an agency for their price structure and also ask if they charge any extra amount for anything.

Digital Marketing Services you must Leverage in your Busines

» Social Media Marketing

Majority of people use social media to connect with each other in real-time. And social media has also become the digital marketing tool for marketers to connect with their customers. Today, around 2.4 billion people use social media which shows need of it. So advertising products on social media is a good way to fetch audience and customers to your site.

» Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Digital marketing is all about online presence of a site on Google’s SERP, right. It is only possible if you work on SEO part and make it strong. SEO is the process of enhancing the website visibility, improving the quality and traffic of your site, and provide you the goo ranking on Google’s SERP. So don’t forget to work on SEO and improve the performance of your site.

» Video Marketing

Who doesn’t like to watch videos? If you want to attract people to your site then you also have to work on making videos. Today, majority of people like to watch video content than reading out text content. You must hire such digital agency that will help you make better brand videos for your business.

» Email Marketing

Email marketing is the personalised form of doing digital marketing. In email marketing, you send personal emails to visitors who provide you their emails through their emails you update them about your brands products & services and events taking place in future. Though email marketing is considered as the traditional form of marketing, it is still in use.

» Reputation Management

Reputation is one of the most important assets of any marketing business whether you are offline marketer or online, you have to earn reputation. And if you are a digital marketer then all reputation you will earn is via online channels like social media, PPC, Google Ads, etc. Make sure he company your hire can easily help you manage your online campaigns and its reputation.

» Conversion optimization

Suppose your website gets plenty of visitors on a daily basis, if none of them get converted into your potential customers then how you will you generate sales lead? Therefore, it is very important for you to convert your site visitors to potential customers. A digital marketing agency must utilize conversion optimization tools to fetch you quality customers to your site.

» Website design

Your website is the online store where people visit to see your products and services. And website design is what retains the customers in the very first view. If your site design is old and hackneyed the people will immediately leave your site and you will witness the increased number of bounce rate. The company you hire must work on your web design so that you see number of retaining customers is more than bounce rate.

» Pay Per Click Advertisement (PPC)

PPC is an online advertisement campaign which marketers run to advertise their products and services in the market. There is no doubt that PPC generates immediate and measurable results. It makes the campaign qualitative and increase conversion rates, sales leads, revenue, and ROI to your site.

Why select CitiesAgencies for searching the best Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata?

CitiesAgencies is a renowned company having presence across India and many other countries. Basically, we are a local search archive where anyone can find out the digital marketing agency established in Kolkata. All you need to do is scroll through the lists of marketing agencies that CitiesAgencies provides to you. You can read the description of the company, its profile, customer reviews, company’s achievement, awards, total work experience and other specifications which makes the company different from other in the market.

Things which makes us unique from others:

  • We do proper research before making a list of companies we collaborate with.
  • The companies we get entangled with are 100% secure and verified.
  • We follow customer-centric approach for our customers.
  • There are many well-known digital companies that trust our work and strategies we follow.
  • We provide the guarantee of the work of the companies you select from the list of CitiesAgencies.

Frequently Asked Question on Digital Marketing (FAQs)

✓✓ What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is also known as online, internet, or inbound marketing. It is all about promoting your brand products online in the digital world. This is also a procedure of marketing the goods via social media channels or electronic forms of media. Moreover, digital marketing focuses on how brand interact with customers on online platforms such social media, PPC, email, mobiles, and PPC.

✓✓ What is the importance of Digital Marketing?

In today’s world, digital marketing is very crucial. With proper strategy you can easily beat your competitors. Why digital marketing is important is because it provides market insights and surveys which help you understand the product demand in the market. A good strategy leveraging in digital marketing helps your brand become more visible in the top results of search engine. Moreover, a good digital marketing agency makes sure that your website traffic leads to more revenues through pay-per-click conversions.

✓✓ What is the need for Digital Marketing?

The growing demand of digital marketing has increased the need of it in the present market industry. Today, traditional marketing seems to be erased from the present world because everything is digitized. Therefore, you don’t just need the visually pleasing campaigns or celebrity endorsement, but make sure that you find potential customers and retain them for future as well. If you are also in marketing, then you should also take help of digital marketing industry to help you succeed in your business.

✓✓ What are the important digital marketing services you must know?

There are many digital marketing services available in the market, but you must gain knowledge about the important ones. Here is the list of services given below.

  • Content marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Video Marketing
  • Paid Social Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Website Design

✓✓ What does a digital marketer do?

A digital marketer is a person who executes your digital activities and helps you in your online campaigns. A digital marketer has knowledge of your campaigns, online audience, and the platforms where you can attract more audience and potential customers to your site. Besides, digital marketer also ensures your brand engages with right audience when running online marketing campaign. The role of digital marketer is to take care of the overall business presence and online reputation of your business in the market.

✓✓ What are the best ways to increase website traffic?

Some of the best ways through which you can increase website traffic are:

➢ Content marketing

➢ Email marketing

➢ Guest blogging

➢ Linking internally

➢ Paid search, social media and display advertising

➢ Targeting long-tail keywords

➢ Posting content on LinkedIn

➢ Writing eye-catching headlines

➢ Seeking referral traffic

➢ Implementing schema micro data

➢ Posting content on Quora

✓✓ Why content marketing is important for your business?

Content marketing is the vital part of digital marketing business. A good content marketing strategy helps:

  • Increasing the traffic to your site
  • Educating the market on a large level
  • Grow lead generation
  • Generates good sales
  • Lower down the cost of customer acquisition
  • Enhance the life-time value of your brand in the market
  • Easily generate brand awareness

These are some of the importance of content marketing that will help any marketer grow their brand presence in the market.

✓✓ How do digital marketers calculate ROI of their business?

Return on Investment or ROI is one of the most significant elements which digital marketers can’t avoid. When it comes to calculating the ROI, there are many digital marketing tools available in the market. These tools include: Google Analytics, HubSpot, Ahrefs, etc. Moreover, you must know and understand your marketing goals to effectively measure ROI of your business.

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